Changelog : version 1.4.0 Beta Print


  • Totaly new draw engine (WPF). Faster and more powerfull. Defined as a plugin, which requires ".Net framework" version 3.5 SP1 or higher. Original draw engine ("basic engine") is still available.
  • WPF draw engine : Zoom feature.
  • WPF draw engine : Full "fluid" rotation, using slider or mouse directly.
  • WPF draw engine : auto hide too small folders, in order to speed up the build of the graph.
  • WPF draw engine : New Print feature (in File menu).
  • New "native" scan engine on Windows : faster and more accurate (up to 6 times faster).
  • "Drag & drop" capable (from Windows explorer)
  • Auto check (after startup) if a new version is available. Check can be done manually via the "Help" menu. Auto check can be disabled in the Options menu.
  • Partially compatible with Linux and Mac (basic draw engine only), thanks to Mono (


  • Design refactored, mostly with the WPF draw engine.


  • Bug on "Text Density" : value loaded from a previous saved state was wrong.
  • Wrong message when folder deletion failed.
  • Some minor bugs...
Last Updated on Monday, 15 February 2010 00:33