Changelog : version 1.3.0 Print


  • New warning messages when scan errors occured.
  • New "image rotation" capability (you can rotate the graph as you want).
  • New "text density" setting (you can change the text density in real time).
  • New tooltip available when the mouse is hovered a directory.
  • Count the number of files in a directory (see the "Directory Details" form).
  • New commande line argument to set output image size.


  • ¬†Better resize mode (preview during resize, real redraw when resize finished)
  • Asynchronous draw for complicated graphs (which take a long time to draw), to avoid application freeze.
  • Main window state is memorized on exit (or the size if the window is not maximized).
  • Performance improvements


  • Bug 2505755 ("Wrong Image saved when run from CLI")
  • Some minor bugs...
Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 April 2009 17:07